Monday, August 7, 2017

Somewhat OT, but worth mentioning...Someone is suing GW for 62.5 Million.

My only surprise in this whole matter is...what took someone so darn long. If half of the litany of accusations is true, I am surprised the FTC did not come down on GW like a ton of bricks being held in place by multiple kitchen sinks.

The kicker for me is the following, as stated in the article found here, that GW's markup makes the recent markup involving the price of epi-pens look like amateur hour, with and I quote:

"GW sells 1-inch-models like the ‘Imperial Space Marine’ for $30.00 retail online, requiring a ‘minimum’ of $10 Shipping. Stores contacted the V.P. of ‘Double-Grand’ (associate of GW’s Asian suppliers) and received a Confirmed quote of “3-cents-per-figure” for said 1-inch injection molded plastic figures. GW sells mass-produced plastic at 50,000-percent-mark-up! Its not a 100% markup for 6-cents, not a 1,000% for 60-cents – but 50,000% at $30.00!?..."
(taken from the article, and quoted from the original complaint)

If this markup is true, it isn't just excessive, it's usurious, and it is confirming something many in the hobby have more than suspected for some time. The suit is also alleging that GW is in violation of the RICO act, as well as Titles 15 and 18 of the United States Code, which is making this suit a criminal matter.

Your author will keep an eye on this case, but it's just another legal issue for GW. One wonders where this suit will go.

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