Monday, March 20, 2017

Cold Wars, a more detailed report, including a game!

As promised, or perhaps threatened on "500 Miles...", this will pick up where that entry left off. I hit the Iron Wind Metals stand to pick up some discount Cold Navy ships (50% off of list) and picked up a few incidentals as well.

The big thing for this side of the house is that Eureka Miniatures USA had some of the promised AB miniatures WW-II Soviets for sale! I didn't get a lot, just some ATRs, mortars and crew figures, but I was impressed as they lived up to the usual AB standard.

I also got some Battlegroup; Kursk in! It was a fun, if quirky scenario, and the way the BR was handled (each force tracked their own BR, rather than BRs for the side, also was that way for orders, bit confusing if you ask me). We also played without using the ammo rules for vehicles. Again, different strokes, but the game played decently.

The scenario was set around the Ponryi Train Station, and was done in 15mm. The scratchbuilt train station was very well done, and the terrain was pretty good, almost all scratch built to a good standard.

We Soviets started the game in the midst of the attack on the train station itself, with my other players supporting the attack, and dealing with a German counterattack. Our left ran into trouble early. to which I committed all the armor to stop it, but this screwed my own assault and my BR, as I forgot as forces are added, your BR increases (this led to some impossibly low BRs of 11).

I will say, even with all that? We came damn close to taking at least part of the train station, and if it wasn't for the fact I kept rolling poorly for the Close Combat tests to get into the place, we would have probably taken at least part of it.

I had a good time with my compatriot, Kirk, who ably played the Germans, and my other two Russian players (sadly, who's names escaped me), did a fine job stalling, if not stopping the German assault. It did not matter however, as my morale collapsed and we really had no means to make another assault on the train station.

But what does any of that matter? I had fun, I think so did everyone else and Kevin and Mike did an able job as referees!