Thursday, June 15, 2017

Gambioux, More Bolt Action, this time in France '40!

A pair of German AFV nose their way cautiously forward

Another Wednesday Night game at Tom's and it was a pretty good one. The scenario was part of a three scenario mini campaign found in the book France '40, Battles for the Meuse. The scenario itself was a tough one for the French, if you ask me, and I say this as a German player. All they had was an infantry platoon, a 25mm AT Gun, and 3 H-35s. Not much to hold off 4 MK-IIs, 4 MK-IIIs, 2 PzKfw 231s and 2 PzKfw 222s, not to mention a platoon of German infantry.

A view from the German Order of Battle, including variable attachments

A view from the French order of battle
A view of the battlefield from the French side

The objective was to take control of both hills on either side of the table (the hills on the left and right sides of the photo respectively). We Germans therefore planned on moving up the gap between the town and the woods on the left and then taking the bridge on the right and advancing on the other hill from the French rear.

Our plan worked...after a fashion, but it was something of a hollow victory for the Germans, as much of the French garrison escaped...and I get the feeling we shall be seeing them again in the 3rd and last scenario...

The beginning of the German advance

Schisse! A French AT gun has found the range to one of my Mk-IIs..and promptly knocked it out!

The French quickly had us at a disadvantage, they had blocked the gap I mentioned earlier with that burning MK-II, which forced us to advance up the road, much to our chagrin. We managed to get the better of the French AT gun...(ably suppressed by George Buzby) when the French armor showed up.

A clash of steel chariots
The French armor was quickly pinned down by concentrated 20mm fire, and eventually was knocked out for no German losses, with my MK-IIs and the Mk-IIIs (ably commanded by Scott Fischer) bypassing them. 

The German Advance continues

German armor enters the town of Gambioux

Our advance continued against little if any resistance, and the game was called on turn 12 with a resounding German victory. I know this kind of thing was historical in May of 1940, but honestly, I felt badly for the French players, they basically had to watch the Panzerwaffe advance on all fronts over their hapless Poilu. I have been assured the next scenario will be different, but it did feel a bit imbalanced here. I certainly would not want to play the French here.

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